Euro 7 Product Testing Begins

The new Euro 7 emissions regulations for vehicles is an ongoing process, with more manufacturers having to consider stringent testing measures required. Product testing has begun across a range of companies with the new regulations to ensure theyÔÇÖre making a real contribution to the zero-emission ambition when manufacturing new vehicles.┬á

The implementation of Euro 7 is expected to be in full flow as early as 2025; companies are now in the product planning and advanced research and development stage. This will enable more visibility of what exactly to prepare for in terms of vehicle manufacturing and how Euro 7 will lower vehicle emissions to no longer endanger lives. At Catalytic Support Systems, we feel incredibly passionate about the Euro 7 emissions regulations and how we can help to promote sustainability with products suited to the new emissions regulations. 

What is included within the Euro 7 Regulation? 

The new European vehicle emission regulations are underway; the new Euro 7 is intended to help manufacturers deliver the lowest emissions possible for any new vehicle. It is a unique opportunity within vehicle manufacturing and ultimately, the regulation will consider the following overarching principles:

  • Ensure further focus on real-world emissions;
  • To be fuel and technology-neutral
  • Improve European air quality to ensure the health and well-being of everyone
  • Legislate a total system approach using a ÔÇÿwhole vehicleÔÇÖ basis.

The new regulation is said to come into force during 2025; this is around when European cities are estimated to have enforced ultra-low emission zones and potentially diesel car bans.  

Why is the Euro 7 regulation needed?

The beginning of 2020 saw that 3.7% of all new cars sold in Europe were fully electric; the rest had conventional or electrified internal combustion engines (ICEs). The use of ICE will continue to be included in the majority of light vehicles, but this reaffirms the need for lower emissions from ICE, especially in heavy-duty vehicles. Ideally, the rollout of the regulation to manufacturers across Europe should provide a focus on real-world emissions and stop vehicle emissions endangering the well-being of people. Overall, the Euro 7 regulation is needed for manufacturers to tackle the climate crisis effectively and provide further sustainability when it comes to the future of our planet. 

Catalytic Support Systems Euro 7 involvement

The Euro 7 regulations are a legal requirement across Europe and the UK in an attempt to reduce emissions, eventually leading to zero emissions. It is the truck manufacturers who must adhere to these regulations; we just design the products to help them do so. 

The Euro 6 regulations saw the birth of our most unique product, which many have tried and failed to replicate. We are passionate about innovation and, as such, are incredibly proud of this product as we are the only company capable of manufacturing it. Arrangements are being made to have this product tested against the latest Euro 7 regulations.

At Catalytic Support Systems, we have multiple products available to meet these requirements, which have all proven a great success. If you would like more information about how we are helping manufacturers to meet the Euro 7 requirements or would like more information about our products, please call us today on 01928 566 344.