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Component Design

Are you looking for a particular product that is not currently listed on our site? You can work with our engineering and sales teams to design and build your perfect product. Solution based sales is our forte, and engineering and innovation is our passion. Whether your product is in the automotive industry or not, we can either reverse engineer your sample, or we can work with you to design a brand new product using our in house engineering team, tooling, machinery and drawing capabilities.

Engineering Resources

You will have access to our engineering machinery that allows us to design and manufacture our own tooling, keeping your costs low and your lead times fast. Manufacturing our own tooling means that we can make alterations to your tools as and when they are needed. Our machining capability has a precision of 0.001ÔÇØ, giving you a highly accurate tool and product.

Increases in your demand can be met with ease and speed. Building our own knitting machines gives us full control over accuracy and lead times. Compressed parts can have new prototype tools within 3 weeks, and fully hardened tools within 6 weeks.

Wired mesh component design

Machine Capabilities

With over 200 knitting machines gives us the resources to fulfil your product requirements by changing various aspects of our mesh to alter the product density, compressibility, and sizes. Our knitting machines are able to combine materials together to create a more robust product.

Knitted wire mesh rolls can be supplied from as small as 6mm wide up to 2m wide for customers in search of mesh rolls. Your compressed components can be designed and manufactured from as small as a few millimetres or as large as 32 inches. Hydraulic presses are available from 2 tonne up to 100 tonne to meet your density and compressibility requirements.