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Silica Rope Gasket

Throughout the development of Euro 6 regulations, Catalytic Support Systems worked closely with a leading truck manufacturer who was struggling to meet the Euro 6 regulations. Our design engineering team worked to develop a product that would work alongside the trucks’ emission system to help this customer to meet the European regulations. This product is just one example of our solutions based sales.

Silica Rope Gasket

Silica Properties

Silica is ideal for sealing up the catalytic converter and withstanding the required temperatures. Silica is capable of reaching working temperatures of up to 1000°C. When paired with knitted wire mesh, the silica is contained and protected against abrasions making it a robust product. The knitted wire mesh binding can be manufactured using any grade of stainless steel or exotic alloys depending upon your temperature requirements.

You can work with our sales team and engineers to develop products of many different shapes and sizes using silica for your applications. Due to the flexibility of both silica and knitted wire mesh, products made from these materials can be formed into your desired shape.

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Silica innovations

We are currently the only manufacturer in the world capable of making these silica rope gaskets. If you are wanting to use a silica material within the marine industry, you may be pleased to hear that we have recently developed the worlds’ first square shaped silica gasket. Other manufacturers tend to use fibre glass as a cheaper alternative to silica, however this material does not have the same performance abilities as silica and will melt at a much lower temperature. The material used in these gaskets is a pure silica, meaning that all impurities have been removed.

If you are interested in using silica and knitted wire mesh gaskets, or for other applications, then contact us today and work with our industry leading design team to create a product that meets your requirements.
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