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We can supply the mesh in a wide range of shapes and sizes

These components can be made in various shapes, sizes and materials. Catalytic Support Systems produces stainless steel knitted wire mesh vibration isolation components, offering better support for high frequency and high temperature. Our vibration isolation components can be manufactured using any material and wire diameter and to any dimensions that you may require.

An expert customisation service is available

Our innovative design team with over 40 years of experience are always available to assist you and design a product based upon your performance requirements. Changing different properties of a design, such as wire diameter, material, and density, can have a huge impact on the overall performance of the component. We, therefore strongly advise consulting with our team of specialists during the research and development process. These components can also be tested in house to ensure that they meet all of your required specifications. Knitted wire mesh, either in the form of a rope or compressed component, is very suitable for high-temperature applications where other materials would fail in operation.

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A knitted wire component can be produced in any size, shape, and density to enable riveting or spot welding keeping assembly and fastening costs to a minimum. Typical applications for this range of Vibration Isolation mesh products are heat shields, turbo and engine mounts, down-pipes and manifolds. Most applications where vibrations cause radiated sound can be cured with the addition of a wire mesh ring, pad, rope, or mat.

Vibration isolation mesh