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Graphite Gaskets and Components

Graphite has sealing abilities capable of solving many different leakage problems across multiple industries. You will have the option of designing products from pure graphite, wire reinforced graphite or wire bound graphite. Our most popular graphite products are gaskets and die formed rings.

Graphite Gaskets

Graphite gaskets are suitable for the automotive, marine, aerospace and processing industries. You will be guided through your product design by our sales engineers who have the knowledge and experience to ensure the products will meet your specifications. We are the leading OEM manufacturer for leading truck and car manufacturers, so you can rest assured that our quality and product performance are industry leading.

Die Formed Rings

Die formed rings can be designed and manufactured to any shape and size, no matter how complex. Most suited to valve applications within the processing industry, graphite has strong chemical resistance. A common issue that customers have found with their graphite die formed rings is the number of cracks, which does not help to achieve a zero-leakage result. Using our bespoke methods of production, our products are completed smooth and crack free, resulting in a leakage-free application.

Materials and Tools

Our most commonly used graphite material is APX, however we also have stock of APX2 graphite for products that will experience a much higher temperature in their working environment. To ensure that we meet your compressibility targets and desired density, we have a wide variety of presses available from as little as 3 tonne and reaching up to 100 tonnes. Our in-house tooling capabilities help us to keep your costs down and reduce the lead times of your products. Our engineering abilities also allow us to make changes to your products much quicker and cheaper than most other manufacturers.

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