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Engine Breather

There is currently a worldwide mission to reduce emissions, with regulations such as Euro 6 and low emissions zones being introduced to persuade drivers and automotive manufacturers to be more conscious about their carbon footprint. Knitted wire mesh engine breathers are one way to help reduce emissions. These pads can be installed into the engine breather and work to remove oil or moisture droplets with minimal or no pressure drop.

Meet Your Technical Requirements

Engine breather pads can be manufactured as either wire mesh rolls or compressed components to meet your specified measurements. You can request the help of our design engineers to assist you in your design process to ensure a product that meets all of your technical requirements. Products can be manufactured from a wide range of materials from any grade of stainless steel, exotic alloys or plastics dependant upon the working environment.

Compressed Engine Breather Pads

You can benefit from our in-house tooling capabilities, fabrication lab and engineering department, where we can design and make all tooling required to create compressed engine breather pads that meet your specifications much quicker and cheaper than most other manufacturers. Meeting your production deadlines has never been easier with our arrangement of hydraulic presses.

Compressed Engine Breather Pads
Compressed Engine Breather Pads

Wire Mesh Rolls

We can supply our mesh in the form of a roll for you to cut your own parts out of, available as a flat or crimped mesh. We have a large variety of different widths available up to 2m wide. Your specifications can be used to decide the wire diameter and number of strands needed to meet your requirements.


These knitted wire engine breathers are designed and manufactured for a long-lasting life cycle. Suitable for the automotive, marine and other air filtration industries. The design also makes for an easy replacement.

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