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Leading Gasket Manufacturer

Working with some of the world’s leading truck, bus and car manufacturers, we have built a reputation as a leading gasket manufacturer. Over the decades, we have developed a large variety of knitted wire mesh, graphite and silica gaskets and seals for DPF units. Available in different materials, shapes and sizes, we can assist you throughout the whole design process offering our technical expertise and support along the way. We are currently the OEM gasket manufacturer for multiple leading truck and car manufacturers worldwide.

Large Variety of Materials


Knitted Wire Mesh

The original material, for which we are known, pure standard knitted wire mesh can be manufactured from all grades of stainless steel or exotic alloys depending upon the required temperature tolerance. The mesh is compressed down to the shape, size and density that you specify.



Graphite gaskets and seals are available as either pure graphite, smooth surface, pure graphite surface which is reinforced with wire mesh, or rough surface, which is wire bound graphite offering a dynamic slip. All of our graphite components can be compressed to the shapes and sizes you require.



Wire bound silica DPF gaskets and seals are great for reaching higher temperatures and for sealing against soot and harmful gases. We are currently the only company in the world that can manufacture this kind of DPF gasket / seal. Ensure that you do not get this product confused with the cheaper fibre glass alternative, as it allows leakage and reduces the effectiveness of the DPF unit.



Mica gaskets are extremely effective at tolerating chemically corrosive environments and can manage a decent amount of heat. These gaskets are available as pure mica and wire bound mica.


Carbon / Metal

Carbon / metal gaskets are resistant against heat and chemicals used in the automotive system. These can be manufactured as per your drawings to any shape and size and can include tabs in your specified areas.

Meeting Euro 6 Regulations

Our silica rope seal was designed for a leading truck manufacturer to help them meet the Euro 6 requirements. Once tested, it was found to also meet the Euro 4 and 5 regulations, helping to build our reputation as a world-renowned gasket manufacturer. With a passion for innovation and engineering, we can design solutions to your leakage problems. We have the tools, knowledge and experience to reverse engineer any gaskets that you would like us to supply for you.