Anti Vibration: Mesh Vs. Rubber

Far too often, wire mesh anti vibration components are overlooked in favour of rubber, but why is this? There are several reasons why knitted wire mesh produces a far superior anti vibration product compared to rubber, but when searching online for these products the results overwhelmingly feature those made from rubber.

Anti vibration components are used in a huge variety of different industries, for most of which rubber is most likely not suitable for and result in frequent replacement. We think that everyone should be aware of the issues that can arise by selecting rubber anti vibration products over wire mesh.

Heat Resistant Anti Vibration

The first big issue that becomes apparent when using rubber is its low temperature resistance. Natural rubber has a working temperature of up to 85°C and for many applications this is far too low. Synthetic rubber can handle slightly higher temperatures at around 180-220°C, but at a cost to the environment.

For many, the synthetic rubber is still not durable enough for their application. Stainless steel is capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1,000°C, offering a much more durable vibration solution for industries, such as automotive, that operate with high temperatures.

There are a range of different grades of stainless steel to choose from depending upon your temperature requirements.

Wire mesh anti vibration

Stop Replacing Your Vibration Isolators

The most common cause of vibration isolator failure is due to the rubber material either degrading or failing under the high temperatures. It is common for rubber components to degrade over time, causing them to require replacement.

Stainless steel is not only anti-corrosive, but also robust against general wear and tear. Prevent the need to replace your anti vibration, or replace it less frequently, by choosing stainless steel over rubber. 

Our anti vibration parts are made with spring wire mesh, making it compressible, high temperature resistant and flexible. We can alter all aspects of the component to ensure that it fulfils your needs exactly. Our wire mesh is most effective for vibration isolation, ideal for high frequency applications such as static generators in the marine industry.

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